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Funding your board


Did you know – Your club or league can receive FUNDING for Respect Attention Boards toAi??support the FAai??i??s Respect Programme?


Vouchers are available for all FA affiliated leagues and clubs.Ai?? You will require a 2016/17 affiliation number to be eligible for the scheme, which can be obtained from your club secretary or alternatively from your parent County FA.


Affiliated clubs are entitled to the following allowance:

Club Entitlements

Affiliated but non Charter Standard Club
Charter Standard Club
Charter Standard Development Club
Charter Standard Community Club

2 units
3 units
4 units
5 units

1 unit can be used for 50% off any the following:

Sponsored equipment

Clubs are also able to get funding from local businesses by offering advertising space on the free-standing Respect Boards in exchange for paying for their share of the cost of Respect items.

To do so, clubs should apply in the usual way for a Respect voucher, but must then order the sponsored Respect Boards directly from Sportzhub, Football Foundation suppliers, quoting the voucher code in any correspondence.



Leagues can request a single voucher that entitles the league to get 50% off a maximum of A?5,000 of Respect items. Unlike the club scheme there is no restriction on which items can be bought in any combination; the only limiting factors are that the voucher has a maximum value of A?2,500 and can only be used once during the season.

You can personalise your Respect Attention Board with your League or Club logo. Ai??Sportzhub can help you find a Sponsor for your league or club boards and even help with theAi??Voucher Application process if needed.

Sportzhub personalise the Respect Boards by the inclusion of the League Logo toAi??distinguish them from the ones provided directly to the Clubs and to highlight the League’sAi??support for the Respect Programme.
All Football Foundation income derived from theAi??scheme is reinvested back into it and for a limited period, free delivery on all itemsAi??is also available at present.


Funding window

2016/17 season update

From September 2016, all clubs and leagues with a 2016/17 affiliation number are eligible for Respect vouchers according to the eligibility criteria below.

Any club or league that has used up its allocation for 2015/16 will get their units reinstated so will be free to apply again.

From the start of the new season we will also be extending the Respect scheme to allow FA affiliated leagues to apply for discounts on purchasing their own Respect equipment.





Learn more about the scheme

Some examples of club sponsored boards


Salts FC


Basingstoke Colts


Bracknell Cavaliers


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